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Chiropractic is a unique system that, in short, aims to ensure that people function normally.

This also includes our built-in and natural ability to heal and balance ourselves. As chiropractors, we work with all parts of the body, from the jaw to the feet. However, we often give extra attention to the spine and pelvis as it gives us a large part of our mobility, acts as a point of contact for muscles and houses our nervous system.

A normally functioning nervous system is extremely important for human health as this system controls and regulates all our functions: muscles, joints, blood circulation, organs, etc. When we function as we should, we are therefore also better equipped to tolerate the stress we experience in everyday life, and recovers us as soon as possible after injuries. Since our nervous system is housed and protected by our spine, a reduced function here can also disrupt our nerve pathways. This can help create an imbalance in our body so that illness and injury can occur more easily. If a reduced joint function is present over time, stiffness and wear will also gradually develop.

The Gonstead System:

Here at Helsfyr chiropractor clinic, we use a very specific and gentle system within chiropractic called the Gonstead system. Chiropractor Clarence Gonstead, with a background as an engineer, developed this system from 1923 until he passed away in 1977. He had then further developed chiropractic and had seen more patients than anyone else in history.

This system first involves a thorough analysis of the body’s anatomy, surface temperature and function. If necessary, we also use digital X-ray analysis or other imaging. All this is to have the best possible starting point to be able to help our patients in a correct and safe way. When we treat our patients, we use this information to make a very accurate and fast movement with our hands so that the joint returns to its normal position. This is done with the least possible force and is carefully adapted to the patient’s physique, age and needs. After a correction has been made, we will give the body the necessary time to adapt to the new function so that the healing process can begin.


In order to be able to analyze and correct functional joint problems in an accurate and safe way, it is very important to have a picture of the area.

We therefore have our own digital X-ray department to be able to do this easily, efficiently and accurately.

The pictures we take are specialized for chiropractic analysis and provide a picture of the entire spine and pelvis as needed. Helsfyr chiropractor clinic is the only one to offer this in our area.

An X-ray analysis provides information about the patient’s anatomy, the condition and position of the joints, as well as any disease processes. By correlating the patient’s history, clinical findings and X-ray analysis, we get a complete picture of the patient’s condition. This allows a chiropractor to be as accurate and gentle as possible. X-ray analysis is also an important safety factor as many underlying factors can complicate an injury situation: disease (pathology), malformations, wear and tear, osteoporosis and the like. If necessary, we will also refer you for an examination with MRI, CT, ultrasound etc.

Benefits of x-ray analysis:

  • Rules out pathology, injuries and birth defects
  • Gives a precise image of the patients total anatomy
  • Gives information on degenerative changes and spinal curves
  • Gives a precise image of the joints condition and exact position
  • Gives information on how to best correct the joint
  • Gives information on expected response and prognosis