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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can chiropractic help me?

We no longer live in an environment that our bodies are built for. In a modern society, most of us live with many physical, psychological and chemical strains. It is mainly because of these three factors that the spine develops misalignments in the spine and pelvis. This then can cause interferences to the nervous system. In Chiropractic this is what we call a Subluxation. Because the most of us live under these daily strains it means that the most of us may have a Subluxation. If these interferences are found and removed by a chiropractor, our body and mind will function better. How our body responds and how long it takes to feel better depends on how long you have had the problem, age, lifestyle and following up of chiropractic advice.

Does it hurt?

No, normally not. In most situations you will just notice a light and quick movement from the chiropractor’s hands. This will often simultaneously come with the feeling of a movement in the joints and quite commonly a “cracking” sound. In acute situations a patient may need to ice down the area before treatment to minimize discomfort.

What is the cracking sound?

The joints in the spine have a capsule around it where there is a certain pressure. When the joint is corrected, the pressure will often release nitrogen gas and then a sound can be heard. This can be compared to opening a bottle of soda water. The same sound can be heard when you stretch your fingers backwards till you hear a “crack”.

Why must the joints be corrected several times?

When the joints have lost their original position and no longer move as they should, the muscles, tendons and cartilage in the area will gradually change. When a chiropractor moves the joint back into its normal position to restore its normal function, it will often migrate back to the wrong position quickly as the surrounding tissues has become accustomed to it. It is almost like teaching the body to function from scratch. Often it will take several corrections for the joints to stabilize into normal position. Just like hammering a nail into hard wood it rarely takes just one hit.

Can I correct myself?

Unfortunately, not! Many try and move body parts for example the neck etc. until they hear a sound. Even though this often gives temporary relief, it is not recommended. Often people click joints that are already moving normally or too much. This can lead to instability and wear over time if continued. A chiropractor is trained over many years to find and correct joints that do not move normally and interferes with the nervous system. This is done specifically and accurately with the least possible force.

Do I need to take an x-ray before treatment with the chiropractor?

After a thorough examination, the chiropractor will inform you of your situation and what needs to be done. In most cases will an x-ray be recommended if there is a reduction in movement and signs of nerve pressure. An x-ray will give the chiropractor further and often critical information which otherwise could not be obtained. This ensures a more complete, correct and safe treatment. The radiation during such a study is very low and, in most cases, corresponds to the same radiation you are exposed to during a three-hour flight. Pregnant woman and children would not be recommended to take an x-ray examination.

How long until I am better?

As chiropractors we work to optimize the human potential to heal itself. As all processes, the healing process takes its own time too. This depends on many factors: nature and extent of your injury or illness, how long you have had the problem, the patient’s age and general health condition etc. Therefore, it may take from seconds to months for a change to be noticed. By keeping your body moving, enough rest and proper diet, you are allowing for this to happen as efficiently as possible.

How do I avoid future problems with my spine?

A good and healthy lifestyle with balance between activity, rest and diet is generally the best guarantee of a healthy back and body.

Regular checks of the function and condition of the spine are also very important in preventing injuries. With a Gonstead Chiropractor, you will get a thorough and accurate analysis of your function every time!